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Three Blogs: One Interwoven Story

You can follow three blogs here.  We share 2-3 Ministry Stories a month which give you glimpses of God at work and give you the opportunity to partner with us in prayer.  We share 1-2 Meditations a month from our heart for your heart.  And we periodically share Family News because many of our friends like to follow how the Gospel of the Kingdom is flowing from generation to generation through our children and grandchildren.  

You may have noticed that I’ve been sprinting for most of the last 15 months.  God has been carrying me, but I don’t intend to live and work at that pace forever!

One of the rising challenges for the people of God today is how to love LGBT+ friends, acquaintances and members of our communities well. 

Most of the high-hanging fruit in the world is embedded in the world’s major religions. 

The easy places are taken.  The low hanging fruit is already being harvested.  We need more focus on the high hanging fruit.