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Three Blogs: One Interwoven Story

You can follow three blogs here.  We share 2-3 Ministry Stories a month which give you glimpses of God at work and give you the opportunity to partner with us in prayer.  We share 1-2 Meditations a month from our heart for your heart.  And we periodically share Family News because many of our friends like to follow how the Gospel of the Kingdom is flowing from generation to generation through our children and grandchildren.  

I prayed that other members of our family would be able to come alongside Herb and Nicole Lorelei to help in their ministry.  That became a reality August 12-25!

Why do you study the Bible?  Some study to satisfy their curiosity.  Some study out of religious duty or aspirations. 

This is my final Fortaleza vignette.This is my final Fortaleza vignette.  We've been home since Sunday, and we are savoring so many memories.  One of my favorites is sitting around the table with my family, planning what we would do next.  Ideas were flying.