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Three Blogs: One Interwoven Story

You can follow three blogs here.  We share 2-3 Ministry Stories a month which give you glimpses of God at work and give you the opportunity to partner with us in prayer.  We share 1-2 Meditations a month from our heart for your heart.  And we periodically share Family News because many of our friends like to follow how the Gospel of the Kingdom is flowing from generation to generation through our children and grandchildren.  

Today I have a number of things to do that seem both urgent and important.  But I sense that mobilizing prayer is more urgent and important than anything else on my plate.  So, I am writing to you.

Business leaders know that it’s hard to make money.  It’s even harder to make money and make disciples.  It’s exponentially harder to add making a difference in the community.

The other night I walked out of my office and Renee took one look at my face and said: What happened to you?  What had happened was that I had watched a video that moved me deeply: From Heartbreak to Heaven. 

Recently our friend Michelle surprised us by bringing her new boyfriend to meet us at church. He works as a member of the pit crew for an auto racing team.  It was fun to hear about his work, and what it takes to win a race.