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For several years we’ve come into December facing a gap of more than $20K in our funding. Every year God has closed that gap through generous friends and partners in the Gospel.  But I’ve wondered why that gap keeps appearing. 

Newsflash: I’ve never experienced childbirth!  I’ve breathed through contractions with Renee. I’ve been there to hold the baby.  I’ve even passed out. 

Wednesday night I’ll be walking into a situation that I find intimidating.  So I’m asking for prayer. 

Renee and I just returned from Lebanon where we went to encourage leaders of our work there and across the region.  Every day brought a feast of mutual encouragement. 

We all need encouragement all of our lives.  Some of the most significant moments in my life have been when someone came alongside me and said: I see God¹s hand on your life. I believe in you. I am with you. With God¹s help you can do this.