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I love to teach and preach the Word.  But in recent years I have become increasingly aware of how desperately dependent on God I am whenever I try to convey His Word to others in a Life-giving way.

I serve on the board of a sister organization that has been on the ropes financially.  This group pursues our Navigator calling, but does so as a development agency in very challenging contexts where others cannot go. 

Starting and sustaining movements of the Gospel requires 4 contributions: pioneers, local workers, local leaders, and alongsiders.  The alongsiders help to sustain the others.  My team and I are alongsiders. 

Your prayers played a crucial part.  That’s what Paul said to the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 1:11, and that¹s what I would like to say to each one who prays for us.

Matèriaux Ministère is French for ministry materials.  Eighty years ago The Navigators was a mono-cultural, monolingual group.