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There are hard places in the harvest.  There are places where hard ground is being plowed.  There are places where the ground is fertile but dangerous, where Gospel workers risk their lives every day.

Apparently, according to Matthew 17:21, there are some things that generally don’t happen except by serious prayer and fasting.  Several members of my family have become quite serious about the spiritual discipline of fasting.  This has been a strong pattern among the people of God down through the ages.

There’s nothing like friendships that are deep and lasting, especially friendships with those who are working with us for the progress of the Gospel.  The Apostle Paul felt that.

Today I have a number of things to do that seem both urgent and important.  But I sense that mobilizing prayer is more urgent and important than anything else on my plate.  So, I am writing to you.

Business leaders know that it’s hard to make money.  It’s even harder to make money and make disciples.  It’s exponentially harder to add making a difference in the community.